The great capital of England

More than 3M points mapped over time.


A shared cartographic experiment from HERE and CartoDB

At HERE we create experiences that help you better navigate your world.

In this experiment CartoDB were given access to our HERE Platform data and challenged to show the city coming to life over a 24 hour period.

See how they responded by selecting a city from below.


The great British capital

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If you live in a city, the city's a fundamental part of your life. At HERE, we think the city also has a life of it's own. Through our data visualisation, we aim to inspire developers to take a look at data APIs and CartoDB technology to develop great city visualisations of their own.


The visualisation was built by CartoDB using their cloud infrastructure. It makes use of HTML5 Torque technology to animate geospatial data sets over time.

The data

The data behind this visualisation is continuously collected by HERE through connected devices. We don't collect personal data: we collect small data changes to find out how the traffic is flowing (or not) in the city, if a road is closed, if a new road has opened etc. This is how we construct fresh maps that are used online and in loads of devices.

The visualisation

We believe this data can be used for many different things, and we've partnered with CartoDB to explore interesting visualisations that tell different stories. In our visualisation, you can see traffic density and lot of visual facts derived from the aggregated data we get about the city.


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